Quickly and easily add your income and expenses.

Add transactions using Shortcuts or only using your voice via Siri. Or use the quick actions widget on Home Screen.

The quickest and easiest ways to add new data and control existing income and expenses. Different tools to control and manage your wallets and reserves.

Wallets and Reserves in one place.

Keep track of your available balances, easily manage them or transfer money between.

PeFi includes global and wallet-related limits, which helps you stay notified when you add more expenses than expected.

PeFi includes a smart notifications algorithm that allows you to stay in focus, control your financial state, and keep you close to your financial goals.

Get detailed reports of all your spending at each balance and category.

Weekly and Monthly reports. Average monthly and daily income reports. Dedicated report for each wallet and reserve.

Short and straightforward money summaries filtered by categories.

Improve your Financial Happiness score by meeting the finance literacy rules and finishing goals.

Smart advices to help you easy understand current state.

Does the data sync work on all my devices?

The data will be synced between all your devices within your Apple ID.

Can I use one Pro subscription on all my devices?

Yes! You will be upgraded to Pro on all your available devices under same Apple ID. All your purchases available between all your devices. In case if purchase is not active on your another device, try restore a purchase on the Subscription page bottom.

How can I try Pro features?

Annual plan including 7 days free trial period, provide you access to Pro features within 7 days for free, if you cancel subscription via iTunes or App Store before expiring trial period payment will not be charged from you.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime using iTunes or App Store on your device or via web. On your device go to AppStore -> Tap on your profile picture right top corner -> Subscriptions, there you will find all your active subscriptions.

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